Thursday, July 20, 2006

Review of Web Browser Inconsistencies, by Paul

Hi there,
is there anybody who can tell me why the header of this page results in mislayout using Firefox, while works ok with any other browser (I.E., Opera, Netscape)?

Why is not good mix em and px? It's a bad CSS design or just because you I not have idea what the resulting width will be?

I just plain stink at positioning unless it is fixed. The float property has always given me grief for some reason. I know the look I want can be achieved as I have seen other layouts that work in Firefox but for some reason, something in my coding somewhere isn't allowing it to happen. Just can't figure out what that is. LOL
Thanks for the info. I will keep playing and see what I can figure out. :)

This is not a right or wrong thread, just two way of doing things and the reason for that.


Dear forum guy,

I have had your problem with _________ as well, and wow there sure are a lot of ____________ problems. Dont give up. THe best way to achieve the effect you are going for with your web page is actually quite strait forward. Dont be embarrased guy! Any time you see one thing in FF and Opera and another in IE, you can safely bet that its time to cut the web off of your page.

1) Go to the Office supply store and buy a pad of blank paper. Get a lot because there are millions of people on the internet. They all have the same problems as you.

2)Buy a ruler, a compass set and a pack of colored pencils. I have been using these woodless colored pencils:
A lot of people will tell you that you just can't get some resolutions with them, but I think they weren't pressing hard enough. If you can't afford these you can always get a 12 pack of crayolas. Sure there are only 12 colors, but they are affordable and you can get them anywhere. If you are just trying to display text as you say then a 12 pack of crayolas should get you started.

3)Your font woes are familiar territory. THis plastic stencil will sink that battle ship BAM!

4) Now you are ready. Once you are done your page throw it out side and let the world wide do the rest.


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