Monday, September 11, 2006

Review of Sudden Unexplained Illness by Paul

I woke up this morning. I was sick. I went back to bed. That got boring fast. I began to trust my ILL -ness, and I tried to do - things - as if there was nothing wrong with me. I ate supper. I went outside. I got some scene at the Grocery Store. Walking back from the grocery store my temperature began to rise and i broke a cool sweat. I saw a number of attractive ladies on that walk. I repressed all of my urges to vomit with the most non-chalant smiles, waves and gestures. Paul the calm consumer guy walking down the street feeling like he was about to vomit but not showing it.

"Sorry, I cant talk now sweet heart. I have got to go get something off my chest." Oh for sure. I came back had a sip of Orange juice then I vomited, cooly, like it was nothing. I had myself A shower. I took some time to prepare a meal replacement. I watched some TV with the guys.


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