Sunday, August 03, 2008

Addendum to the Review of Prose

Oh, man. Remember the "I am a huge nerd." part of the last post? Not that I think that anybody would ever disbelieve me, but there's a bit of evidence to that effect that I should have shared with the world years ago. Check it out this slice of my desktop:

I think that there are some jock-dominated countries with a "public whipping" policy for stuff like this.


Blockade Boy said...

That's... that's beautiful.

(And it can only be defeated by the Weirdo I.T. Guy.)

Johnathan said...

It's almost too good, really. I had to scrap my long-ago plans for a Matter-Eater Lad Recycle Bin because there was no way that it was ever going to compete.

Weirdo I.T Guy or Bizzaro I.T. Guy: who wins in a fight?

Blockade Boy said...

How's about a recycle bin in the shape of one of those Shanghalla rocketship/urn thingies? (With Hate Face's mug plastered on it, natch.)

Johnathan said...

Haw! That has potential. I don't know if I'm quite ready to go for the full theme desktop yet. Maybe if I go lady-free for much longer I'll develop an obsession with modding my interface. I'll post any further developments, you can be sure of that.

adriana said...

shit, dude, i NEED that. me and my cohort made some legion icons (and a computo one) but i really like your version!! where did you get it, did you make it?!

Johnathan said...

I totally made it! I think the picture is from the second issue that he's in, the one where he offs Triplicate Girl #3.

I'd be glad to supply it to you - if you have a contact email on one of your pages I'll send it to that (Super Future Friends if great, by the way). Otherwise... something else?

I'd stick it on the Internet but for some reason the fact that I pirated the program that I used to make it makes me feel guilty-ish about that.