Saturday, June 10, 2006

Review of C.O.R.E. Construction: by Paul

There is a Construction Company, that has taken over my apartment building. They have blocked access to my compost bin, which i use diligently, with their CAUTION tape and orange fence. I come home from work, usually around 1 pm, to find them all standing around watching heavy machinery fumble with bits of asphault, cement and gravel. Usually there are about 6 to seven people in high viz outfits whose role in the operation is uncertain. They just stand there and watch motionlessly as giant yellow bucket arms pound and pry into the layers of street. One of them intercepst me and lets me know that its ok for me to cross their boundaries and enter my apartment. Ok... Its Saturday and their machines are parked in the parking ot where my compost bin is. My access is blocked from all sides and now there is a growing pile of rotting fuit and vegitable remains sitting on my counter, siting very still. Their role in my life is uncertain and given my finacial situation at the moment I have considered a lot of potential solutions. More than likely, I am going to go outside right now and do my best to toss them near my compost bin...being held alone over an unswimable ocean of, apprently dangerous, immobile machinery. My plan is of course to make sure that i visit the Compost bin immeadatly on Monday morning , with a high vis escort watching my proximity to their equipment. I am hoping that I can establish some sort of agreement with them and perhaps give their extraneous laborers something to do.


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