Thursday, March 15, 2007

Review of Facebook by Paul

Facebook the friend comfirmation book!

I used to cringe everytime someone pulled out a family album. Let it be known that I am not a sentimental person. I like change. I like meeting new people. I like dropping a profession or a degree program like its nothing. Take a risk. Everywhere I go I always meet good people. It doesn't matter. I always find something to write about something that makes me feel alive.

Facebook. Imagine yourself walking around the city with a stack of blank paper and a photo album. The paper is filled with blank lines but there is a complete one that you have pinned on your chest so people can take a glance at it and know what to write. They fill out the paper work and hand it back. On the way home they stop at staples and grab a blank stack of paper and a photo album.

"Here is some paper work for you to fill out"

Imagine that everyone you have ever met is suspended around you. People you have never met but want to know you. They can all send you messages and hope that you will respond. Before you know it you find yourself trying to please everyone.

Whats worse is that people have already placed some importance in Facebook. I'm sure the people who have been trying to contact me are going to be confused when they see that I have deactivated my account.

Facebook. Facebook is a warning of things to come. Its funny because I am a programmer so I don't expect to see all kinds of people who aren't programmers while i'm actually trying to do some work. Its just a database people - come on. No magic here. You know what its the winter time we all do things we regret in the winter time. We sleep with people we shouldn't sleep with. I know. Its cold. We all saw the fancy web 2.o curves(don't even get me fucken started). It was terrifying! Some of the people I used to know are now insane! We all do things we regret in the winter time. Its the confinement.

It got into my head so fast and how could it not. The problem with the program is that it displays all of your friends to your friends of your friends. I like games. I could win facebook if I wanted to. I could write pr0grams to help me to automate the process. Then I could give the programs to others. If I had my back against the wall i would do it. But, in the end, I would be connected to a bunch of people that have nothing to do with me. I might spend hours in my day keeping tabs on them. Meanwhile the world would be passing me by. The world is passing me by. Still.

It wont be long before we all have RFIDs and when we sign up for a social network everyone will be able to see where I'm standing. When that day comes I'll just keep walking in random directions.

For all the irony fans out there: Facebook makes me feel dead.

I don't like facebook.


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