Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Review of some unknown PS3 game by Paul

The good thing about cars is that they have thousands of little pieces that they burst into when they explode. I discovered this one evening in an isle of the future shop. While there I did not find the future, but the store does not promise the future.

Hanging above the droves of consumers was a free version of a car racing game I will call "When cars explode"; and they do. Cars explode a lot. While inside the game, where I allow myself to drift, I note that it is mostly my car that does the exploding and when it does, the world slows down to embrace the moment and so do I. A cloud of bolts, car doors, tires and other recognizable bits burst out as if held by the thinnest skin. Their cheap frames shimmy and tear dance and bounce like fish* of water(except they are bolts out of cars! not even close). All of this fades away as the remains of my car twist in the air helplessly. Some additional laws of physics had been added where previously missing.

My car is never safe. Other cars and an ever flickering clock force me back into motion. What they don't seem to realize is that the world is circular. I relive the explosion again and again. Nature decorates the world around the race track and crushes all that collides with it.

Nature is safe for the most part. All of the damage is transferred to the car. Obviously this is a punishment. The laws of nature won't tolerate car damage. Not in that world.

I always knew that cars had tonns of little bits holding them together and I found it very exciting to see them all at once.


*I refuse to use the word fishes. :P

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