Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Review of Gordon by Paul

John is right I do have a cat and he is called Gordon. He is Gordon because there are way too many Daves already. His name is not a reference. Gordon is Gordon recursively.

I have been taking note of his various Gordony assumptions and ideas.

Looking at the door makes it open
I can get behind the stove
I can climb that guys leg
I can eat from that guys bowl
I am going to take a nap
I can detect the right density of clumps to usable litter
I can get inside this thing
I can knock this thing over
I can chase the string
The toilet has water too
That guy will never catch me
This thing fits in my mouth
That thing has its own motive force
I can catch that bright red dot
Humans give me food
This spot is warm
The red dot is coming back soon


It would be interesting to try and break down all of the possible ideas Gordon has and predict the possible combinations. I have deduced most of his discoveries but I am sure there are more. Gordonous!

Although I do not approve of all of his ideas
I approve of Gordon.



Jeremy Rizza said...

That's adorable! And so is Gordon.

My oldest cat, Mackie, spent its first year living at my sister's store. I picked Mackie up on a weekend, when my sister wasn't there. Along with Mackie, my sister had left a long list with items such as "I like to jump up on counters and I know nothing about hot stoves!" and "I like to pee standing up." My brother and I joked that my sister wasn't really writing about the cat.

Simon de Vet said...


Johnathan said...

Great, Paul doesn't post for a year and then kicks my ass, comments-wise.

Still, way to encourage him, guys.