Monday, June 30, 2008

Review of Ancestral Style, By Johnathan

Boy oh boy, was I lazy this week or what? I could blame it on busyness at work, but that would be a lie (not that I wasn't busy, mind you). Nope, it was just plain inertia. Well, tomorrow is Canada Day, and I plan on lazing about here in the John Cave, so perhaps I'll get that review of the Human Flame off my chest, like I've been meaning to, before Grant Morrison has him eaten by Titano the Super-Ape or something.

In the meantime: check this out:

That, boys and girls, is my great, great grandfather, William H. Hazel, and he is rocking a friendly muttonchop/neck beard combo that the world of today couldn't even handle. From now on, whenever I'm blue, I'm just going to think about how those same beard-genes are somewhere inside of me. I'm tearing up a bit, here.



spazmo said...

Those are some pretty heroic whiskers. Wouldn't it be something if you found that steam-era lectern gathering dust up in your attic someday?

And cheers to you on Canada Day!

Blockade Boy said...

*purchases really cool Admiral's hat, then doffs it in solemn salute to your great-great-grand-pappy's kick-ass facial hair*

Johnathan said...

I'd stop shaving if I could be assured of such magnificence on my face.

And I know that my branch of the family doesn't have that leanin' post. I sure hope that *someone* does.