Monday, November 17, 2008

I may be cursed, a review by Johnathan

So this week when I went to the local comic shoppe to fritter away my salary (ah, for the halcyon days when Canadian and US currency were at par) I learned that Blue Beetle was scheduled to get the axe. This was the last scrap of evidence that I needed to verify the fact that I am labouring under a curse at least as hideous as that of the average werewolf.

Here's the pattern: 1) I will find some neato series, or some kind soul like Rachelle or Dave will clue me in to one. 2) I'll read the trades and the back issues to get things in the proper context. 3) I'll put the book on my pull list and enjoy a couple of months of good reading. 4) The book will be cancelled.

Seriously, check out this list of books that I have had on my list over the last year or so:

Shadowpact: DOA 
The All-New Atom: died a lingering death. 
Legion of Super-Heroes (or whatever): on borrowed time. 
Birds of Prey: I spend six months catching up and then it dies. Added to my list one month before it was cancelled. 
Blue Beetle: on the chopping block. Added to my list two months ago.

You want to know why Manhunter didn't get cancelled? Sure, the fan support helped, but the real reason is that I hadn't gotten around to reading the back issues yet. If I ever do, Gord help you all.

If this were a comic book world then I'd theorize the existence of a Bizarro Johnathan - or possibly an overly-mischevious John-Mite - working at DC Comics and cancelling things based upon my approval. I'd have to hope that they didn't have enough pull to take down Action Comics or Green Lantern.

Dammit, I may have to stop reading Booster Gold.


Note: Bizarro-face is hard. I need more practice at it.


Anonymous said...

I'd give you Two Thumbs Up but my arm and wrist are broken.

Johnathan said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! I broke my arm and wrist too. Almost two weeks and hurts bad as it did first day I broke it! But I will endure the pain and give you two thumbs up!

Johnathan said...

The curse is pre-breaking arms and wrists of folks that will soon read of it! And removing their identities! Help!

erebus said...
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erebus said...

I'm not trying to be incognito. No need to try. I'm nobody. Merely an admirer of your blog. But my wrist is well and truly broken.

Johnathan said...

You have my sympathies on that front, rest assured. I have my own share of wrist problems, believe me.

Two anonymous posters with busted wrists was a pretty big coincidence, so I had to say *something* about it. And even though erebus is as much an alias as anonymous, it's one of the quirks of online interaction that the assignment of a name to someone makes them a whole lot easier to empathise with. May your wrist heal with a frightening efficiency.

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