Monday, November 03, 2008

Review of Revelry, By Johnathan

Hallowe'en is done, and I was so cool. As I may have hinted to some people out there (unless I hinted that I was going to be Parade Hater Horace), I went as Matter-Eater Lad. Here's the best picture I was able to produce with my feeble little webcam:

Legions of all worlds must bow to the awesome power of my mighty jaws!

Luckily, Rachelle over at Living Between Wednesdays was at the same party as my matter-eating self, so there are much better photo-recordings of the costume here. Please note the awesomeness of the other costumes in attendance, including a mysterious and amazing Captain Cold.

And she let me steal one away to post here! Drunken Matter-Eater Lad meets the Flash! Later, the Flash played drums in a game of Rock Band! Truly an awesome spectacle.

Those boots are the reason I didn't post anything last week, by the way. The rest of the costume was sewn up by my homework-avoiding roommate over the course of an evening (I was totally okay with this. The costume would not have been half as good if I had done it) but those damn boots required a buttload of hand-sewing. I'm going to eat those things.

Hallowe'en? JOHN APPROVED,


spazmo said...

Tim Gunn would be proud of you (and your roommate).

I love the fact that not only were you correctly spotted by a poster in Rachelle's comment section, but then afterwards dubbed "Matter Drinker Lad". Awesomeness.

If I find myself in your neck of the woods next Halloween, we'll have ourselves a good old-fashioned waxing party and whip up a pair of matching Cosmic Boy outfits.

Johnathan said...


But... but I'm going to be Hourman! How the continuity will suffer...